Welcome to a New Day! The Path To Love Website is devoted to the courageous human beings who journey with physical, medical conditions and disabilities. For them, their friends and families, let this Website be a source of inspiration, a celebration of yourselves and of each other. In this safe-space environment, we'll build a supportive community of friendship, where we can share anything, even possibly love.

Path to love is a journey about loving and accepting oneself, regardless of our age or medical conditions. It is also a journey about connecting people with people; people who support one another, without judgment. We are here to share our thoughts, knowledge and unique perspectives about what we have learned on our journey. In the sharing of these gifts we have the power to serve and empower our community, and ourselves.

About the Path To Love Logo: The Path To Love text is in red representing the base chakra color = grounding. The wording ends in green, the “Path” which represents the heart chakra (expressing love in action). The blue of the heart represents the throat chakra (giving voice and expressing truth through the spoken word) and finally the purple represents the Third eye and Crown chakra (This represents Oneness with the Infinite, Peace, Wisdom and yourself).

I see You, I Am Here…